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DNS Records957
DNS Domains373
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 Where to begin
If you are wondering where to start,
try one of these tasks:
  Add a DNS domain 
  Add a new subnet 
  Add a new host 
  Perform a search 
  List Hosts 

  • If you need further assistance,
    look for the icon
    in the title bar of windows.
  • You can also try the main
    help index located here
Questions about ONA? Click here to join us in IRC (#ona on freenode)
You have reached the OpenNetAdmin application demo site. There are a few things you need to know before getting started:

1. This is an openly accessable site, so don't put any data in this system you wouldn't want others to know about.

2. By default when you connect you will be a guest user with view-only privleges. If you want to actually add something you need to become the admin user. To do this click the username in the top right corner and change the name to admin, then provide the password of "admin".  NOTE: I have granted the guest user full privleges as well, too many people were missing the fact they needed to log in to see added functionality.

3. Please enjoy! and visit our main site at

Some New Features:
  • Track device locations
  • Provide custom attributes
  • Track NAT translated IPs
  • Config Archive GUI enhancements
  • New interface level popup menu
  • Tons-O-Bugfixes