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DNS Domains569
DHCP Pools94
VLAN Campuses159
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 Where to begin
If you are wondering where to start,
try one of these tasks:
  Add a DNS domain 
  Add a new subnet 
  Add a new host 
  Perform a search 
  List Hosts 

  • If you need further assistance,
    look for the icon
    in the title bar of windows.
  • You can also try the main
    help index located here
Questions about ONA? Click here to join us in IRC (#ona on freenode)
You have reached the OpenNetAdmin application demo site. There are a few things you need to know before getting started:

1. This is an openly accessable site, so don't put any data in this system you wouldn't want others to know about.

2. By default when you connect you will be a guest user. We have modified the guest user to have full admin privleges.

3. Please enjoy! and visit our main site at